Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Day 20: Appreciating penguins...everyday

So... it transpires that today it's Penguin Appreciation Day, who knew? Well I guess m(A) is, as he tipped me off to my lack of awareness. I can't imagine that anyone WOULDN'T appreciate a penguin, every day. Apart from MB perhaps, but he has issues! Sadly there aren't enough hours left to appreciate a penguin in the wild, or even the nearest zoo or aquatic centre so I thought I'd send the penguin that lives on my desk on holiday...to Iceland! I figure if I'm going to "photoshop" him somewhere, it should be into a photograph of my own taking.

So he is stood on a pristine snow covered glacier with Reykjavik in the background. Where I tried to stand in a howling wind (you can't tell though) setting I could talk about series of photographs. I'm not positive he looks happy, and er appreciated but I tried. I have learnt however that World Penguin Day is on April 25th, yes penguins get two days. Though I'm hoping for a "take your penguin to work" day. If that doesn't happen I guess I will endeavour I settle with organising a penguin-shaped excursion in 3 months.

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