Thursday, 1 March 2012

Three come along at once

Ooh today I have “buses”, that shouldn't be too challenging. They're everywhere, well maybe not when you want one but the rest of time they seem to hunt in packs. I was thinking of the red streaky slow shutter speed buses but today is such a beautiful day it seems sacrilegious to wait for lower light. I tried inside, alongside and behind, I like this shot as I captured two other buses through the window of the third. The picture seemed a little flat so I posterized the image for a more painterly effect.

If I'm away from Lightroom I post-process my photos on my iPad with Filterstorm Pro. It means I can do my touch-ups en route back and forth from work if I can get a seat. The seat is kind of crucial as I haven't yet mastered manipulating my iPad on a crowded train, being buffeted by other passengers and their rucksacks, whilst clinging on to the handrail. Filterstorm Pro doesn't have a lot of the crazy effects you can employ but it does have this one.

None of these buses are any good for me!

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