Saturday, 3 March 2012

Egg hunting turns into angry Birds!

Our little photographic group – "several photographers and a dog" - decided to do a bit of egg hunting today. These eggs have sprung up all over the place and one of the ideas is tocapture them artistically and submit your efforts. So far I’ve shot five of them and from a stunning photograph point of view they leave a lot to be desired. Generally their situation is a bit busy and the egg by itself is really just an egg. I’ve hatched (get it?) a plan to procure a chicken to perch on top of one and then I can shoot it. Now where to get a chicken…

When planning this expedition we figured the weather would be horrible as it often is whenever we get together to shoot so we’d incorporate a nice pub lunch. It is fair to say that whenever our little bunch of intrepid shooters gathers, generally the rain begins to fall. But we’ve gotten to enjoy some nice dog-friendly pubs! Today we’re taking no chances and start in the pub and after another lovely lunch we see that the sky are surprisingly blue and head forth into St.James’ Park to try out for eggs and see how much of the spring has sprung.

The crocuses are out in force as are the photographers photographing them. DA immediately takes the opportunity to capture us all on our hands and knees trying to get the perfect shot. As we cross the blu ebridge there are some feisty gulls being fed and I managed to grab a shot ofthem in full swoop – and a cheeky little slice of the London Eye for a bit of context.

It seemed wrong to not try and get the daffodils even though they were rather un-obliging when it came to raise their heads attractively, they looked a tad woebegone. LB got astunning portrait of DJ languishing amongst the daffodils, momentarily not chasing squirrels or sticking closely to LB’s heels! DA set up his tripod and got a beautiful shot. AoR captured a moody shot of us searching for the perfect daffodil and I haven’t seen OP’s pictures yet. And the rain stayed away for quite a few hours!



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