Friday, 9 March 2012

Reflections on a relocation

The mojo motivator or as AL calls it, the Jomojo, gave me ”mirrors” today and I think I've had an idea that has been right in front of me all week. We've relocated to a new building, which is better on the inside than out. By which I mean the building is newly refurbished so it is bright, clean and decorated with inspirational messages and bursts of citrus colours but the location doesn't really cut it. On one side our neighbour is a strip, or if you prefer, table dancing club and the other a discount tile warehouse. Laden lorries trundle loudly up and down the major highway just outside and if you opt to take a shortcut from the station to avoid the traffic fumes, you walk through a estate where the residents have felt the need to put metal grills up at their windows. Yes, I feel very safe here!

Through our new windows we can see our building and a couple of iconic city skyline features (namely the Gherkin and Tower 42 (formerly the Natwest Tower)) reflected in the mirrored edifice across the busy road. This seems as good an example of mirrors I might find without resorting to using an actual mirror. I really wanted a vantage point and hankered after a brief sojourn on the roof so I could take a nice, clean shot without naughty reflective glass but was thwarted by all the doors and windows being hermetically sealed and no handy key being tucked away - and I did look. Our old building overlooked a dock full of yachts and tantalising glimpses of Tower Bridge but had temperamental air con and heating, lifts that didn't always go all the way or open when they got there, running water optional, lights that often chose not to illuminate and awful smells emanating from who knows where. Oh and occasionally rodents! Our new home however is all fresh and bright, albeit featuring a rather curious layout and lacking in a place big enough for us all to meet should the mood take us but if it was in an entirely different part of the city it wouldn't be half bad.

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