Saturday, 3 March 2012

Circular thoughts

I'm happy with today's topic - “circles”. I've always been drawn to circular things and I have a photography trip planned today so I'm bound to stumble across some inspiring material. But St. James’ Park certainly supplied plenty of spring flowers, people photographing the flowers, squirrels, ducks and rather scary birds but a distinct lack of circular items. After our little photographic group went their separate ways at Piccadilly Circus I headed for Fortnum & Mason. I had an idea that I might find towers of round tins that would give a pleasing circle themed composition. But in retrospect, the chance if them trusting such a precarious arrangement especially with hoards of eager shoppers around seems highly improbable. I did find a two tier display of Petticoat Rails shortbread in their flat round F&M turquoise tins but the shadows cast by the containing shelves didn't work. I tried a large group of jars of honey but again was disappointed. I turned instead to enticing trays of macaroons, pyramids of dark, dusky chocolate truffles and swirly topped chocolate cup cakes. Nothing really worked, too much protective glass resulting in infuriating reflections and light flares, but it did put me in mind of some other circles - Dante’s circles of hell. If you've opted to eschew chocolate for forty days and forty nights I suspect it isn't recommended to photograph in Fortnum & Mason’s impressive deliciously aromatic confectionary department. Hmmm, change of tactics!

I love the shape of this store through the central atrium. If you're on the top floor you can look down and see the other floors and from the basement looking up you've the perfect shot of concentric circles leading up to the roof. However their current decorations of staves and musical notes doesn't photograph very well from below. It's best admired from the side or perhaps from above and spoils the perfect circles I was aiming for, so another idea canned. I had one last attempt amongst the fruit, wicker baskets of melons and pomegranates were pleasing but not quite enough however it did give me an idea on a similar theme to try later.

On returning home I retrieved my light box, I've only used it once and the lemon slices I tried were a little insipid. This time I was going for more verdant leek fine slices and hoped I could achieve a nice study of tightly packed concentric circles pleasingly illuminated from below.

For the first time I inverted my tripod centre column to ensure a nice steady hold on my camera. I been inspired watching DA shooting daffodils in the park today, being able to get his tripod so low and LB had asked if my old tripod I'd given to her could do that. I'd been reminded being shown I could remove the centre column and turn it upside down if needed when shooting bluebells in Norfolk. But today I wanted my camera to be completely upside down for the overhead shot, and was pleased my newer carbon fibre one could perform that trick also.

I was only when I finally got the shot I realised that my plan was to live by the photo mojo motivator for seven days and us just completed my eighth. Maybe I’ll try ten days!


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