Monday, 5 March 2012

Hidden talent

"Hidden” should be any easy theme today. I was immediately transported to LB’s evocative shots in Croatia peering through a rustic, large wooden gate into the secret garden beyond and another shabby paint peeled door into a dimly lit passageway. And as much as I'd like to evoke some of those iconic images in a homage to LB I cannot think where I'd begin to replicate the mysterious mood. Sadly I think my life may be devoid of secret gardens at the moment!

Whenever I had a moment during a busy day unpacking and settling into the new office I was peering under things, behind things and inside things but my inspiration lay hidden. Finally I'm waiting for the penultimate train home, it's a shade before midnight and I haven't taken my daily photo. I find a handy pillar on the platform and consider that if someone crosses behind it I can maybe grab a nice shot of them partially hidden but there's a distinct lack of someones tonight. Eventually I opt for this minimalist shot of a women, who's at least hidden from view, and adopts an intriguing stance as she waits most impatiently for the train.

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