Sunday, 4 March 2012

A bit of a blur!

Today my trusty randomizer threw out “bokeh” or as AoR insists - blur. I guess he's right but there's motion blur and camera shake blur but bokeh is the shallow depth of field thing that has your main feature in focus and the distracting background pleasingly fuzzy. There are several schools of thought on the pronunciation, probably because so many people saying it don't speak Japanese. ’Bouquet’ is occasionally used but I think the popular way is bo (as in boat) and ke (as in Ken).

When I first upgraded my camera from my tiny Leica C-Lux snapper this was the effect I craved in my food photographs. And when one day I branch into an interchangeable lenses system it will be so I can get myself some of those tiny numbers and big apertures. But in the interim I can still get some pleasing effects by getting very close and picking my subject carefully.

I've been on a bit if a mission dallying with daffodils recently. To me they herald spring and their sunshine yellows spread cheer. I've been struggling to find some at the right level of perkiness but this miniature one in a tiny window box caught my eye and the low light helped me with the look I was going for. Look at me defying the rule of thirds, flaunting all it stands for by having the daffodil defiantly in the centre of my square image. I blame my camera’s lovely 1:1 square format, it leads me astray!

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