Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Taking note

When I was presented with the theme of ‘jam-packed’ I had a plethora of ideas – a tangle of arms and legs protruding from a red phone box, or a mini, a basket full to bursting with sleeping puppies, a train carriage heaving with commuters.  The first seemed to need some feat of engineering and possibly an advertising budget.  The second, possibly very cute but where am I going to stumble on a handy litter of sleeping puppies.  I’m no JLo I cannot click my fingers and summon puppies, kittens or both.  Really the only answer is the commuters.  And after a sardine style train journey the last two days, today it was too bad.  I am speaking relatively I must add, I am sure less seasoned travellers would claim it insupportable.  I thought I’d get a shot of all the feet and bags but it just looked a murky-ish mess.  I tried a subtle head height shot but really the view was just dominated by one large man with unfeasibly large headphones and I gave up.  Here’s a clear insight into what I deem to be out of my comfort zone – people.  I try for the surreptitious shot but it looks like some hidden camera out of focus and trying to catch someone out.  I did end up with a nice shot of carriage doors opening onto a crowded tube with people squeezing out onto the platform.  Two reasons it got rejected, it somehow didn’t look that crowded  and secondly quite a few noticed me taking the photo – yes shock horror, someone uses a real camera not an iPhone, and they looked perturbed verging on angry.  Better delete that, they look litigious!
Still at work and pondering on a replacement shoot I grabbed a Post-it note to jot something down and was struck by my little cardboard holster positively bulging with a rainbow range of the sticky notepads.  And it got me asking – “Is there a chance I have acquired too many Post-it notes?” Hmmm note to self, no more sticky notepads - possibly ever!      

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