Friday, 10 April 2015

Day 100: One hundred days and counting

I've been standing on the fourteenth floor balcony underneath the Heathrow flight path hoping to capture a solid reflection of an overhead plane mirrored in the Shard. It doesn't look like the angle is right today so I'll settle for a tiny plane and the just illuminated tip of the Shard instead.

It wasn’t intentional that the Shard featured again in this 365 photo-a-day project, but when I totted up the photos in the last 100 days, The Shard features a hefty 11.5 times, and there were 12.5 sunrise/sunset photographs; the half referring to the sunrise and Shard combo that falls squarely into two camps. They are both trounced by close-up flora at a hefty 27, a slow starter in the early days of little inspiration, but kicked in with gusto as Spring progressed. They are smaller showings in the night, bling and station categories at 7 and, tied at 6. I have taken a lot more sunsets this year than I allowed to sneak into my blog, 29 from the vantage point of our new building alone. Even though my boss often says, "surely you’ve captured every possible sunset by now?", I know they are all different, but I guess not as different as the little elements of nature that catch my eye so often. Until the move to our shiny new newsy building, The Shard featured maybe three times, and merely as sharp pointy thing on the horizon rather than looming over us as it very much does now.


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