Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Day 98: train rider spotting

I don't recall ever being here at Mile End station or really these parts before. I've headed to, what 50% Spanish 50% Irish and 100% fabulous EM refers to as, "the ghetto" to see how she is fairing being struck down with immobility after breaking her foot last month. And the now rechristened hop-a-long is certainly not enjoying her confinement. There's really no one else I know who'd suffer quite so much losing the ability to dash around town at the the dizzying break-neck speed she normally adopts. I'd arranged a visit to bring over some hopefully cheering gifts, the themes of owls, skulls and red being adhered to. EM in turn prepared me some delicious home-cooked tomato-free cottage pie whilst we catch up on nearly a month of activity/inactivity.

After I've exhausted all subjects for now I consider getting an Uber, but because we're slightly off the main road we figure they might not locate me. I head off to check out the local transport and discover a bus heading my way soon will whisk me off to Mile End tube station and I can ride the District line home from there. Whilst waiting for the bus, I amuse myself photographing some of the illuminated trees. So having my camera slung around my neck I'm ready for some snatched street (station) photography until my tube rattles in. Mile End is one of those island stations with the Circle line on the outside tracks and the District line on the inside. From my vantage point awaiting the Westbound tube I have a good view of those concentrating on their phones or contemplating life before the Eastbound tube moves them on.



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