Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Day 119: posing, pointing and not finding golden balls

L(A) had gathered a small band of intrepid explorers to venture out to one of the Science Museum's monthly late events. You get the opportunity to poke around the exhibits whilst tucking into some snacks and drinks. The theme was wearable technology, well roughly. Quickly we decided to dodge the events/exhibits with the longest queues and stick to the interactive experiences that allowed us all to join in with minimal hanging about. There's a clever large box painted with phosphorus paint that you can step into and it will retain a shadow for a while after those throwing the shadow have moved. A few poses were very much struck!

Another one that that caught our attention was a heat sensitive camera showing how hot, or not we were. Cue a bit of pointing courtesy of m(A), naturally!

There were all sorts of science experiments we could indulge in, levers to pull, buttons to push, wheels to turn and when we fancied a sit down we could don 3D glasses and soar with the Red Arrows. We meandered around the jet engines and machines, rather incongruously with bottles in hand.

I had my first ever experience of a silent disco, the music wasn't so inspiring so we thought we'd check out some of the other exhibits, we did plan to return though time ran out. Those waiting to try on Google glasses and virtual reality headsets looked too numerous so we trapsed downstairs to the giant bubble show. The woman performing the bubble show perhaps underestimated the age of her audience though perhaps the added alcoholic factor shaved a few years off. We enjoyed the giant bubble containing an enthusiastic member of the audience however.

I'd had a yen to see again the round table containing the golden ball which remains tantalisingly out of arm reach of the eager children trying to grab it. When visiting with my fellow classmates we would be promised the reward of keeping the golden ball if we we able to capture it before it disappeared into the depths again. But as soon as the tiniest breach of the force field surrounding the ball was made, we'd be thwarted again. Though the futility of the exercise didn't stop us repeatedly trying. Sadly, I wasn't able to find the table or even really discover if it were still there. Clearly a repeat visit is in order.

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