Monday, 13 April 2015

Day 103: the 300 steps

I've counted the steps between the front gate and the bus stop I start the daily commute from each day. It's about 300 steps, it's never exactly the same, I think the angle I cross the road at is significant but 300ish seems about average. I thought I'd set myself the mini challenge today of capturing an image in those 300 steps for five days. There is a churchyard en route to the bus stop, which is often a rich source of interesting flora to entice my shutter finger, but that would add further steps to the number so really it’s between the gate and the end of the road, which is nearer to 200 steps, so my search is ever more focused.

Today I don’t venture far. A mere few paces from my front door is a tiny strip of rough ground sandwiched between the parked cars and the hedge surrounding the pristine bowling green. This skinny plot is currently a carpet of bluebells and what may be called fairybells, though I've never heard that name before. I plump for the white ones for today's shot. For my mind, white trumps blue!

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