Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Day 104: sputnik berries

Day 2 of my shoot what I see in 300 steps. There's a shrub with large glossy palm-like leaves and an intriguing ‘flower’ consisting of lots of small green berries arranged in a sphere that has caught my eye and camera on several occasions this year already. And now it’s getting more interesting as I have noticed that the green is being gradually replaced by dark purpley-black. I have tried several times to identify it and have combed through RHS plant guides unsuccessfully. Finally, when I sat down to retrospectively write this post, I tried one more time, just googling "sputnik berries" and looking at the images I finally located the exact plant. So I have discovered is called Fatsia Japonica. It’s lucky that other people also think the flower heads looks like sputniks!

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