Saturday, 18 April 2015

Day 108: Catching the red Eye

Ever since the London Eye was flushed with red with the new Coca Cola sponsorship, I was keen to get close enough to photograph it. Tonight I figured as I was at Waterloo and didn’t have the mad dash to the office to make or to catch the last train that normally would have me at Waterloo; I could just walk a little closer to get a nice shot. But as I walked to the end of the station the surrounding buildings were looming too close. Maybe I’ll just climb down the steps and see if I can secure a better angle at street level. Hmmm still too much in the way, okay I‘ll walk towards the edge of the gardens, that should give me a clearer view. That’s better, but still, not a dynamic shot. Maybe I should move closer, and then even closer. Perhaps I’ll walk just a little bit further to get out of the way of the trees. Or perhaps I should just give up and stand directly underneath the London Eye and look up at the purpley pods against the vibrant red and the deep, deep blue of the twilight sky.

Yes I think that did it, I caught the red Eye!

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