Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Day 105: like a hawthorn?

Day three of the 300 step challenge. A 300 step challenge makes it sounds way more energetic than it is. Climbing 300 steps on a Stairmaster in too few a minutes or running up one of those stone staircases cut into a mountain. Both are incredibly unlikely…instead I will have to settle for a photograph in less than 300 paces from my front door. Today it probably about 20 steps, these white flowers are blossoming all over a neighbour's hedge. I thought it was hawthorn but the leaves seem glossy and not crenellated enough. After the Hercules Poiret-esque effort to unearth the name of the Fatsia Japonica a few houses away, I'll leave this one as a hawthorn like shrub.


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