Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Day 43: Tube train, not!

I was stood on Westminster Station tube platform and thought I might try a slow shutter speed shot of the tube pulling in or pulling out of the station. I haven't played around too much with shutter speeds since upgrading my Leica and it works slightly different to its predecessors. I did figure it out eventually but by then the tube had disgorged its passengers, gobbled up some new ones and left. I checked my images and this seemed to be my favourite, bizarre the one with no discernable tube train at all. I could pretend I was attempting some ICM photography, which I was kind of trying to do. I rather like the effect, how the metal part of the roof turned into angular fractal shapes and the straight lines of the platform have been curiously rendered as wavy lines but a a slow shutter speed shot of a train, it's a fail! It looks like a dream sequence shot, and I'm am half asleep so actually it's pretty accurate.

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