Friday, 6 February 2015

Day 37: The last sunset...this week!

The jungle drums around the office tell me that another stunner of a sunset is about light up the end of the day and end of our week, so I feel the need to wander over to the sunny side of the building again with my colour-loving Leica. S says that I must already have every possible photograph of a sunset from our building. But how can that be? Every sunset is different, in fact even one day's sunset can metamorphose from one moment to the next. This one is especially interesting because of the pink clouds and also seemed appropriate for the Photography Challenges cloud formation category.

One of my collagues was trying to shoot a video tonight but I suspect the infamous laser weilding aliens will have struck again all over her video and she'll be disappointed. I think I'll stick to a still or two. Or maybe three!

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