Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Day 48: Double Gherkin

I have some time to kill in between appointments so decide to see if something intrigues me around the infamous and iconic Gherkin. The sun is bouncing off the curved round shape and the distinctive diamond shaped windows are bring reflected onto the surrounding buildings. As I walk closer to play around with the angles, I espy a mini Lego version of the Gherkin built next door. I'm determined to try and photograph it. I watch others pass by, stand up close trying to grab a shot on their iPhones but I opt to stand back and work on the framing. If I stand with my back next to the door of the restaurant underneath the overhang at the base and shoot through the triangular aperture, I can get the mini Gherkin framed inside the entrance of the full-sized Gherkin. The added bonus is that the dancing diamond reflections the sun is casting on all the structures around the perimeter, can be seen above the carefully constructed replica.

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