Thursday, 19 February 2015

Day 50: The mint with a penguin

I was unwrapping a Fox's Glacier Mint and thinking how it did look like a tiny iceberg. It got me thinking that my teeny, tiny penguins haven't had an outing for ages. There's some white boxes behind reception that I've had my eye on, sometimes they have books or newspapers stashed inside but today they are empty. There's one that made me reminiscent slightly of a light box, though with solid sides. But I did think the shiny white sides and back will make a nice neutral backdrop for what I have in mind.

I do need some extra light thoygh, there's a massive standard lamp near where I'm sat on the floor but I can't find find a a place to plug it in. I will have to resort to an iPhone torch instead. I ponder how many mints, how many penguins and after several scenarios, settle for the lone tiniest penguin stood on an open mint with a couple still wrapped.

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