Saturday, 7 February 2015

Day 38: A drop of snowdrops

Robert Canis set us all a challenge a week or so back to photograph some snowdrops. From previous years I was fairly sure where some will bloom before giving way to bluebells. It's not the most aesthetic spot, just a rough verge between parked cars and the bowling green but it does normally burst into life in the early months of the year. The long spidery leaves look promising, well at least for a burst of bluebells but I can't spot a snowdrop. I went scouting around the local park, but apart from identifying where some dafodills will most likely emerge, the little white flowers are eluding me. After doing a complete circuit I pop into the churchyard at the end of the road and amongst the flower beds I find a single specimen. The environs aren't ideal, they are dead leaves everywhere but I'm determined to capture the first snowdrop so a little bit of judicious gardening is in order. I only have this single plant with three bells so I approach it from several angles. I'm not absolutely happy with the shot, so I vow to have another go on another day. As I leave, I spot a patch where I think some further tiny snowdrops will unfurl soon so I'll add these to my watch list. From my previous 365 photo-a-day project I discovered a series of sites that might elicit some interesting images, and added them to a mental watch list. The bush where I'd first spotted the miniature baby snails, the garden a few streets away that has some beautiful poppies, the brick walls where I can get some sweet pink and white daisies without having to lie face down on the front lawn, some great places for ivy, moss, the most abundant cherry blossom or the choicest berries and a whole plethora of optimum places to stand to achieve some elegant framing. I will be back.

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