Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Day 56: Red, black, stars and some fine Krug

I haven't been to a Social for ages and ages but Cambridge C convinced me I should give it another go, I nearly bailed when I realised who was hosting but I was itching to try another challenge. They'd returned to the old skool format and we had to run around St James' Park, The Mall and environs reproducing the essence of some famous paintings. I had an attempt of Rothko's Red and Black using a red warning sign and Harvey, my furry scarf. I added a painterly effect by upping the ISO to add noise. I managed an 8.5. Cambridge scored a 10 with his Rembrandt's portrait using tutor S as a model with my Russian princess hat and my scarf, again, as a backdrop.

I also had a go at Van Gogh's Starry Night by piling on the close-up filters to make a dreamer look and giving the moon a bit of an aura, we didn't use this one though as another member of our team had only tried this one.

It was a great evening, Cambridge C kindly treated us to some very fine pink Krug and middle-of-the-night Croque Monsieurs back at his very French hotel. Some of the questioning got a little pointed, and some unflattering things were said, but I'm fairly confident that I'm the only one who will remember a single word of it.

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