Monday, 2 February 2015

Day 33: Slight snow

Finally, a dusting of snow on awakening! It's about time but it's clear it will be short lived. I want deep and crisp and even, I want to wake up in Narnia with a full blanket of snow rendering everything anonymous and softened. I'm inundated with friends posting photographs on Facebook from around the UK, around the world and their collective skiing holidays and they show real snow, not this vague attempt. U has been showing beautiful images from their skiing holiday in Austria, on the same slopes the Beatles recorded their escapades back in 1965 for the film Help.

She's been posting photos of sparkly snow, now that really sounds like my sort of snow, but I'd settle for any snow at the moment. I photographed the view from my living room window when I realised we'd been lightly dusted with the white stuff but by the time I'd donned by coat and hat there was nothing crunchy underfoot, there were traces on the car bonnets and the top of the walls but the leaves were back to being green again. So I'm still waiting for the proper snow. Still.

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