Sunday, 24 January 2016

Two by two and seeing double

My sixth foray out with the London Street Photography Meetup group, the venue was the South Bank and theme was two - groups of two, mirroring, pairs, twins(!) and splitting the scene into two halves - either physically or by scene.

Firstly I was transfixed with pairs of shadows walking down the ramp or along the river. Then when the (all too brief) sun disappeared again, I became slightly stalkerish closely trailing two sets of twins, luckily I wasn't confronted by any angry parents. The resultant photos were not sadly worth the possible injunction.

There were some possibilities visible whilst hanging around the mural of the stick figures (by artist Stik) under the ramp, I just needed a likely pair to stride by the yellow wall to complete the picture. And similarly, the gap in the Rankin portraits was just waiting to be filled.

Then, wandering over towards the next bridge, the book stalls and browsing shoppers caught my eye. As I meandered about looking for scenarios using the bollards to bisect the scene, I received a message about Iceland. Our hopes that the Lapland gang might reunite and head off seeking the Northern Lights in yet another country seems like it will come to fruition next year. It looks like J is going to Iceland!

Back in the present, there was time for some more lurking and seeing double before we headed off for a couple of drinks...just to continue the theme of course.

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