Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Meeting the Leica Meet

When I came to the Sarah Lee BAFTA show at Leica Mayfair last October, the UK head of Leica suggested I seek out the Leica Meet group. I discovered you needed the right sort of Leica camera to join (well, to be fair, to exhibit) and as I'd just procured my gorgeous Leica Q (not one of those Panasonic collabs) I could join that hallowed group.

When I heard they were showcasing their book I would return to the Mayfair gallery space and meet my first Leica Meet-ers.

One rather eccentric looking guy approached me pointing at my Q slung over my shoulder asking what it was. Then, looking perplexed, demanded to know when it was launched. My responses were met with "Bah, digital! It's people like you that kill photography for professionals", and then flounced off clearly disgusted.

Luckily, everyone else, however, was lovely and there was some great photographs to admire.

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