Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Let there be more light!

I wanted to try and photograph the Winter Lights at Canary Wharf before they're switched off on Friday. I particularly wanted to see the light butterflies, "wings of freedom", though they look more like flowers to me. And I'm always a sucker for flowers and colours.

I started at the butterflies in their rainbow mode but realising you could interact by mobile phone, it was irresistible. The best was watching others taking pictures of them and registering shock when the exhibit was suddenly flashing red (my favourite, as they were reminiscent of poppies). The flashing red was supposed to symbolise a beating heart.
And of course, I liked the pink with the Thomson Reuters building in the background, though I believe TR are planning to up sticks and move into the old Bank of America building in Canary Wharf, not so picturesque or such a commanding profile.

Further into Jubilee Gardens is the neon sculptures representing Syrian refugees; and the large touch sensitive pads people were running and jumping on to change the hues.

Finally I went to see the newstream rendered in water droplets. I saw this at the Olympics but my then camera found it really tricky to capture. Because it was taking general words from the press, there were some curious ones. Kardashian and ISIS, for example, so sometimes you let them fall and thought that's okay, I'll wait for the next.

The lights were supposed to stay on until 9pm, but I was still shooting them at 11pm. There was more to see but I presumed they'd disappear any moment, so headed for the tube home. Certainly more enjoyable without the Lumiere crowds!


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