Saturday, 9 January 2016

I see triangles....

Wrapped up very warm we headed for a pretty chilly China Town on the London Street Photography Meetup, channelling Henri Cartier Bresson and, seeking out triangle shapes. One of Polly's inspirational photos include a guy sat with his legs rather far apart, rather anti-social if he was sat next to you on the tube, but a pleasing triangle shape. There was a weary looking Chinese chef squatting down on the edge of staircase, not displaying the legs akimbo stance, but at least a possible triangle!

We were looking for a stage and waiting (patiently) for someone to step into our chosen mise en scène! Though I learnt one disadvantage of lurking in alleyways looking for interesting people, you might just find them. And they might not be so interesting, more intimidating and downright scary!

I felt I had to embrace monochrome again, if you're paying an homage to HCB, you just have to. Now I have to pick my favourite three to post on the Meetup page again, I don't seem to get any better at the curating lark. I opt to embrace crowd liking and asking those on Facebook to help me make the final decision.


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