Saturday, 16 January 2016

Street Photography Tourettes and even Bruno!

Another fun and inspirational Polly London Street Photography Meetup, despite the f-f-f-freezing temperatures we took plenty of photographs around King's Cross and laughed so hard too. The themes were portraits and then we were to look out for details. I cheated and took many of my portraits from the hip and of my fellow shooters. It seems easier to sneak up on someone you know!

Whilst Polly was giving us some tips on zooming in on interesting features, demonstrating her point, she turned to the nearest Streettog and uttered the immortal line "even Bruno..." I think Bruno has a new name!

In case we missed any interesting details, Polly took upon herself to spin around inside King's Cross yelling out random words like "poncho", "interesting hat", "bobbles", "great hair" a kind of Street Photography Tourettes, if you will. I became obsessed with a woman in a big fur coat and odd socks. I pursued her around the station trying to get an interesting shot. I'm fairly surprised she didn't contact security.

The warm-up exercise was multiple hands, there was a minimum but no maximum. I thought I might be late so my furtive hand shot was taken on the tube. I'm sure my neighbour passengers thought I was behaving very oddly, twisting around trying to get my angle!

I opted for monochrome for the street portraits and then colour for the details inside the station. The hilarity of the day continued down the pub and a few intrepid soul opted to brave the Lumiere crowds, eek!

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