Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The bright lights and windows...

This time a f-f-freezing London Street Photography Meetup on a school night, we're set lurking and mingling in Chinatown and the bright lights of Soho. We were looking for artificial light, windows - through, framed by, or reflected in.

We start in Chinatown, peering through the glass at Peking ducks and the amusement arcade lights reflected in the restaurant opposite.

We head to the slightly sleazier side and I am drawn to the lurid neon colours, the rainbow lights in Snog, and am looking for reflections and silhouette opportunities everywhere I turn.

I was skulking in front of a vibrantly lit sex shop hoping someone would stride past at exactly the perfect distance for my shot but instead I caught a customer just leaving...and perhaps serendipitously (see what I did there, Polly?) sporting a neon halo! The perfect moment, though I'm not sure he agreed!

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