Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Day 251: J-20

It's not something I would normally do but in preparation for such an auspicious birthday I've decided to dig out some photos of me, including a couple of rare selfies, to 'brand' my forthcoming party. Luckily people are better at scanning and uploading pictures of me than I am, especially the old ones. In the end I compile a montages of 20 J's, though only 19 photos one contains another J too!

It intrigues me that in 7 out of 19 photos I am wearing sunglasses, and three am behatted and even have flowers in my hair for two of them. I am only wearing horns in one of them, though I think I only recall one other occasion when I wore devil horns, and they were sequinned!

I'm pleased to realise the cosmopolitan nature of the images, one was taken in Spain, Venice - Italy, a brief stop off in Switzerland whilst on the Orient Express, Hawaii, a New York photo booth and two in France. Even England is fairly well covered as there's Sale and Stockport in Cheshire (or Manchester, if you prefer), Whitley Bay in Newcastle, Bristol, Cambridge and two have been at two different desks at work (a worrying statistic).

I'm in a pram in the earliest photo, a punt, a train and a tiny plane in later shots. There are two taken in photo booths (old school black and white ones), two selfies, though only one with an iPhone and one Polaroid.

As I'm more reluctant to have a camera pointed at me rather than taking photos than ever, I might not have many photos to add to this collection in future years.


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