Sunday, 6 September 2015

Day 249: forging ahead, or not!

So the rugby world cup has scuppered my plans to have my birthday party in the Gherkin. It was all sortec, Gherkin themed invitations sent and then it transpires that, even though they're normally closed at the weekend, they are going to make an exception for the England vs Wales match. They are working on the theory that they'll be plenty of English and Welsh supporters willing to schlep into the city of a Saturday night and drink copious amounts of alcohol. So my booking got bumped. Hmmmmm!

So I've at least settled on a date now, September 26th. I always knew I couldn't have my party on my birthday as I was flying to Lapland that day, but I am adamant that I still want it in September. October is just the wrong month and it's all Halloween-y so September it must be. Too many important people cannot make the 19th, J&J, Italian M, V etc., so crucial (apparently!) rugby match night is the only option. I want the entire venue, not a roped off area. It's not as if I'll have a huge crowd attending, I just want to ensure, my food, my drinks and crucially, my music.

I've popped into the Forge as it was given me as an alternative venue. I would be offered the basement. But it's too cavernous, the area is enormous and upstairs would be the normal venue. I don't think this'll work. Ah back to the drawing board.


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