Thursday, 3 September 2015

Day 246: the case of the alluring lights

For my upcoming holidays I splashed out on a new, and much needed suitcase, my existing one has major handle issues that severely hamper its normal function. When it was delivered I realised I had measured just the body of the case, where you put everything, not the handle and the wheels. So my new case was stylish, ultra light but really tiny. So I ordered another one, the next size up wasn't in stock, so I had to go even bigger. Well I'm sure I'll be grateful when packing for two weeks in the US.

I manage to get to Canary Wharf mere moments before Waitrose Food & Home was due to close and armed with small new case inside large new case, I head outside. I'm planning on heading for the tube but an image of twinkly lights on the horizon has drawn me in. I walk as far as I can an before the road is blocked and I can capture the scene.

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