Sunday, 1 March 2015

Day 60: The Doo Dah Man

Another mad dash in a black cab, this time due to the joy of Sunday travel, no tubes nor trains today and I have to get to a feature film premier of the Doo Dah Man. Our old VP left us quite a few years ago to attend film school and start a whole new chapter. We enjoyed his day in the life of his local MP documentary, when we had a little viewing three buildings ago, it certainly made me realise the diverse challenges our MPs face. Since that he'd been working on the screenplay then the directing of this film. I'm gutted I missed the beginning due to my transport nightmares, but what I saw I loved and am determined to catch it again, so I can see how the characters got to where they ended up. I was taken with the cinematography and my inner photographer was thinking about the shooting of the candlelit scenes in the trailer and the low-light scenes in the car. It was just so evocative!

The acting was great too, especially the main characters, there were wonderful little subtleties and a warmth to their relationship. The entire movie had a retro feel but also a certain timelessness. I want to watch (all of it) again, and really hope it comes out on general release soon. So an backers out there, you heard it here first,

After our screening the director stood to a rapturous applause and held a question and answer session. There were lots of old friends and colleagues in the room, a multitude of faces from our past. So not only a great movie, but a trio down memory lane too. Oh doo dah day!

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