Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Day 90: Wind beneath their wings

Wow it's windy today. I nipped out on to the fourteenth floor balcony to look at the cityscape around us, the trains, the commuters, the roof top gardens and the life below us. The gulls seem to be out in force and enjoying catching the wind beneath their wings circling The Shard above me. I've noticed that if I position myself just so I could capture a striking image of a plane on the Heathrow flight path reflected on the shiny plane (see what I did there?) If I can keep my dancing get hair out of my eyes I might be able to take some photos, sadly I missed the homonymic (first time I've ever uttered that word!) but I managed this instead. For some reason despite the blue, blue sky the scene appears a little gothic, some sort of portence of doom but fortunately it's just birds and a photographer enjoying a blustery Spring late aftetnoon.

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