Sunday, 22 March 2015

Day 81: Neighbourly musings!

It's funny, my former neighbours who used to live above me have up sticks and moved to Basel. In the years we've lived in such close proximity we've probably sat down and had a drink together two, possibly three times. And the last time we met just before the moving vans arrived I had a perfect illustration that we saw each other pretty rarely. Unbeknownst to me A was rather pregnant and my farewell gift of Chambord and Prossecco was somewhat inappropriate.

Fast forward a few months (though I've just checked and I think it's seven, how on earth did that happen?) and A is back in Richmond resplendent with new baby boy. And as I have some mail that didn't make it over to Switzerland, we decide to take advantage of the fine Sunday afternoon, sit by the river, eat cake, watch the swollen river lap up the banks and catch up. So all the years we lived next door (horizontally speaking) we've never enjoyed the beautiful place we live...well not together anyway. I wish I could say I had addressed this with A & J (& N)'S replacement but I cannot. In face I'm not 100% sure we've met in the half a year or so since they moved in. I don't think I could definitely pick any of my current neighbours out in a line-up, well they're all quite new. Or quite new to my 23+ years of living here anyway. It is a shame though. In previous incarnations of neighbours we got burgled and that rather surreally brought us together, sharing insurance stories and discussions over mortice locks over glasses of wine. I would like to know those that live around me better, I'd rather it was via the medium of something much less harrowing than having our doors smashed in and possessions rifled through. And also ideally something that doesn't involve water leaking, a perennial ice breaker, perhaps someone could run out of sugar or something. Hmmm, mote you self, add sugar to the next Ocado order.

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