Monday, 9 March 2015

Day 68: Showing the Leica love!

Recently, especially when I've been focused on capturing another in a long line of sunsets, I've been distracted. Wherever I stand there's an annoying blurry spot in the sky. At first I thought it was on the window, but it was for following me wherever I went. Well clearly there's some stubborn spot on the lens, time for the gentle carbon ministrations of a Lenspen. Tested it out with a close-up, all good. But then the next time the sky calls me, it's back. Hmmm, so only on the smaller apertures, this is more mysterious. I guess another clean. Finally I concede there's something up and I suspect that something is that there's something on my sensor. I didn't realise a camera with a non-interchangeable lens could succumb to the dreaded dust or other foreign particle on the sensor. But they can.

I call Red Dot Cameras for advice and I have two options, I can take the camera back to them and they will send it off to Germany, (eek) or I could book it in to the new in-house facility (Leica hospital) at Mayfair. I call Mayfair, seems I have their number programmed into my mobile phone, who knew? They can turn it round in a few days but for someone working on a 365 photo-a-day project, this is not brilliant news. They promise if I drop it off Monday lunchtime, it should be ready to collect Tuesday evening. Okay, that seems a reasonable concession. So accordingly, I hot foot it down to Bruton Place, a tricky spot to locate and it doesn't seem to have a street name. There's some major renovations obscuring the entrance but I took a chance a rounded the corner to enter the Diagon Alley of the camera world. Since I last visited there are two Leica stores, though one is the studio/ workshop and the other is the actual emporium of all that is shiny, and fabulous and Leica. I make to drop my camera off but I'm assured they could do it whilst I wait. Bonus, no having to dash back tomorrow before they close and I won't have to be parted from my trusty companion.

In honour of its brief rehabilitation, and being entirely smut-free, I think it's time for a new portrait, I started my blog four D-Lux's ago and I'm well overdue to immortalise my current partner in photography. I opt for the film noir approach, black background, dramatic shadows, allowing the IR filter to dictate the angle to showcase another red dot, well maybe a red blurry blob. Blue Steel shot, perhaps!

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