Thursday, 12 March 2015

Day 71: Another view of our view

We're having a lovely evening of wine tasting and fabulous cheeses in one of our private dining rooms. I've been dying to check out our stylish dining facilities but no client yet has been worthy of such lavishing. I haven't got my camera around my neck sadly, but when I have to return to my desk to change into some more comfortable shoes, I can address that. The world below us is a mass of coloured lights, the railway, the track lights snaking into the distance and those in the city and docklands. I'm trying to turn off as many lights as possible to eliminate the dreaded reflections but I still don't really like the photos . Perhaps it's time to shake it up a bit by injecting a bit of intentional camera movement to the scene. As usual the Shard is dominating the picture and I love how it looks like an impressionist brushstroke rendered in ICM. London Bridge Station below being toiled on by men in high-vis jackets gives off an eerie green glow. The lights around Tower Bridge and further on into Canary Wharf twinkle in the dark. Yet another view from our building, but at least it's a different take.

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