Friday, 6 March 2015

Day 65: Don't look up!

I've mentioned previously the curious compulsion of our nearest neighbour and it is seemingly not abating. We are so close, that if you are on the London Bridge Station side of the building, the enormity of the Shard makes it impossible to ignore and you are forced to first look at it, and then look up. I don't know why but I have to see the point.

It was the same with Freida, the incredibly feisty octanagarian who lived downstairs, she liked to sit in the window and watch the world going by. Oh woe betide any of us who on leaving didn't turn back and wave. She certainly wouldn't take in your parcels, you were entirely persona non grata. The cocky guy in the basement flat bore the brunt of her righteous indignation for such an offence, no parcels for him! And many years after our unofficial concierge has died, I still always turn round after passing through the gate...just to check.

For some odd reason I'm reminded of that infamous Dr Who episode "don't blink", though to be fair the weeping angels are considerably more terrifying than Freida, or the omnipresent Shard, but there's certainly a mesmerising effect. So here I am at the top of our world staring up and up, but I can't see the distinctive shard of glass top to the structure. So I have to crouch down low and then try again. Not weird behaviour at all!

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