Thursday, 4 September 2014

The top of the world

More mountaineering this afternoon, but thankfully by car. We are going to 'climb' to the peak of Mont Ventoux, part of the Tour de France and much favoured by ambitious cyclists.


En route we're challenged to capture some sort of cycling images summing up the majority of the traffic we zoom past, though it's a bit of effort for our hired dad-car. I opt for making use of the strong shadows.


It really is beautiful when we reach the summit. Cyclists who've puffed their way up this beast of a climb are photographed proudly by the post marking the tipper most peak. It seems wrong to pose when we've been driven to the spot so I wait for a gap in the queue to clutch the post in triumph, to take my photo!

Curiously it seems higher up the top of the mountain, than when we were flying around in the big blue.


Above us are gliders seemingly flying too close to the sun. Haven't they heard of Icarus? This enormous peak is also a popular spot for skiing so the blue and red poles are there for the slalom, when of course the snow returns. The white rubble gives the impression of the cool slopes and from vantage position you can see further cyclists toiling up the winding road and the exuberant ones making the downward journey.



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