Thursday, 18 September 2014

Love at first sight

Now I know how handy my hotel is for the main station and the cathedral (should I be so inclined)

I met my soon-to-be new Leica today...and it met one of my penguins. It was love at first click. I'd pores over the specifications when they were realised in Monday evening and I knew this was going to be something special. But the reality was even better, I love the weight and styling, the solid feel, the simple controls abandoning the A, S, M and P of old and replacing with a more intuitative approach.

First impressions of Photokina 2014. Nikon was very yellow and has cool show bags (might grab one for a Nikon owner) Canon, more red dots than Leica, loud music and female staff wear red bob wigs. Leica, cool, elegant and akin to a photography jewellery shop with shiny things in cabinets and gorgeous goodies at every turn. The Leica Galerie has wall to wall inspirational photography to scrutinise and interesting talks to attend. The Galerie theme this time was music and photography, so photographs of musicians and the general rock and roll lifestyle plus shots taken by musicians (Jamie Cullen, for example) The only downside of the day is that my new baby isn't due to be in my hot little hands until the END of November...sigh!


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