Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A castle, grapes and stars

Today we mop up the final forays of the photo festival by checking out some photographs in a castle, as you do. It's a large vaulted space dotted with the odd black and white portrait photograph. I think we all conclude it's a little style over content.

We cannot linger as we have a special lunch and some fine wine organised at a vineyard. The afternoon is spent cruising around the lush countryside carpeted with verdant vines heavy with purple fruit.

Before heading for dinner there's time to grab the view from our new temporary home and upload the latest photos. Our landlady had offered us the choice of a poppy themed room or sunflower. I have to choose coquelicot, of course!

Tonight after filling up on a barbecue we wrap up as warm as we can, grab our tripods, position ourselves far from the street lamps and try and soak up the never ending starry sky. I do wish I'd spent more quality time with Brian, my new Three Legged Thing tripod, setting it up in the dark with be-gloved fingers but I seem to be able to tame him not too badly.



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