Friday, 5 September 2014

Birds, branches and bread

Today we are planning to meander slowly down to a peach farm and see what catches our eye en route. One of the many things I've really loved about this particular holiday is that with a small group, and with not having a jam-packed schedule, we can go with the flow and see what appeals to our little photogenic hearts. We chosen restaurants that appealed to us right then rather than being dictated by a pre-arranged booking. We've stayed longer at a place that feeds our photographic souls and swiftly move on when we are sated. We've had amazing and slightly stomach churning adventures like the spluttering propeller plane adventure and because we all love fine food are happy to upgrade our budgets and splash out on some exemplary cooking and delicious wines. We've also taken a whole smelly soft cheese, baguettes and apple juice up a mountain and had an impromptu picnic. And the photography has been inspirational, we've poured over the huge variety of festival exhibits, we've crouched down getting that perfect monochromatic Pétanque shot, gazed down on stunning vistas, explored street art and street photography, hunted shy flamingos, tried shooting from the hip, landscape, macro, aerial, food, the occasional portrait (though we suspect we might step that up today), worn lots of hats and it's been such enormous fun. Whatever we end up doing, photographing and eating can only be the icing on the cake.
One of these random stops is a lovely looking restaurant in a village square called (I'm fairly sure) the bird on the branch. It looks modern and fresh and enticing smells are wafting over towards us. Our decision is cemented when the waiter delivered a small stick well hung with rounds of bread. The stick slots into a circular stand already on the table and we have our own wooden bird on a branch. There are dishes of different flavoured oils and our branch is replenished as we taste the various oily concoctions.
There's further opportunity to people watch and fire off a few more shots from the hip. I'm pretty sure I was rumbled, however, when I tried to take a cheeky shot of a dog plus its companions.


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