Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Shot from the hip

I was lent the Johnny Stiletto book "shots from the hip" as inspiration for our trip, this plus channelling Doisneau, Cartier-Bresson, perhaps a little Erwitt I was clicking away in B&W around the cobbled streets.

Johnny Stiletto favoured the hip shot for the covert photo plus the dynamic angle. I particularly like it when you can capture a moment at a more child's eye level.
I loved the vignette of the two little boys transfixed by bees swarming over the honeycomb whilst the shoppers continued with their serious market business around them.
It's fair to say that you have a lot of shots to discard shooting from the hip, but the occasional happy accident and a different perspective adds another dimension.
There's so much fertile material browsing around the market stalls, the SD cards are filling up quickly. There are bunches of garlic being weighed, wily shoppers squeezing melons and locals stopping to catch up with their friends who are also filling their baskets and bags with the market goodies.

Another particular mis-en-scene that caught my eye was a girl lying on a bench lost in her newspaper as the world evolved around her.


At the open-air café we've installed ourselves for lunch, there are more monochromatic photographic opportunities. I was delighted that the little girl in the pink hat circled around around the courtyard on her bike so I could frame her nicely in the arch across the square.






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