Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Lavender, vultures and balloons


It's another glorious afternoon as we finally bade the market au revoir, but not before I've acquired Maurice, my little French balloon seller, to introduce to some future photographs.

There's one final shot of the vibrant paella vendor sporting some complementary vivid tattoos.

Our next adventure is a drive, then walk up some local mountains in search of vultures. The birds are enjoying gliding on the warm thermals and we can see them circling whilst we find a good vantage point.

The surrounding fields are somewhat denuded of lavender as we've arrived after this year's harvest but I try an locate a few purple fronds that have escaped the scythe. The thistles lining the paths are homes to exotic fauna including shiny black bees and spotty butterflies.


The surrounding mountains are providing some beautiful minimalist layered shots in shades of blue and grey.




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