Saturday, 26 April 2014

Stuck up a tree

Fairlawns is tiny, it has a small lawn of sorts surrounding a large tree. This whole area is abundant with trees. I believe that the relative proximity of Kew Gardens encouraged a "keeping up with the Joneses" attitude and wealthy locals liked to display their opulence in the form of exotic flora sourced from far and wide. They would commission botanists to scour new lands looking for the next big leafy thing. If you explore round and about here, you'll find ancient vines, protected walnut trees, an abundance of verdant foliage and the odd shell-encrusted grotto. Legend says that's there's another even larger grotto that remains undiscovered since it was filled in when the gardens of Marble Hill House were re-landscaped.

As an April shower has suddenly descended I opt to shelter under the tree and staged a little ginger car stuck up a tree scenario. The passersby scurrying under rain slicked umbrellas clearly think I've lost my mind but I'm on a mission and relatively dry.


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