Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Gluttony...or cannibalism!

Tonight's Photography Social is just off Carnaby Street and, as usual, I arrive cutting it fine. The format seems to have changed a bit which is slightly confusing. Instead of just one photo for the team submission, everyone submits a photo for the team photo. Tonight it was "resurrection". I guessed it would be vaguely Easter based but this was a challenge. I opted in the end for a close up of some new leaves emerging on a bush surrounded by the grown up leaves.

The individual challenge was briefly the ten commandments, until it seemed obvious apart some vague idea about not coveting a neighbour's oxen, we'd drawn a bit of a blank, do was swiftly changed to the seven deadly sins. As luck would have it, earlier today I'd taken delivery of a collection of random minifigs because I had an idea of a photo I wanted to do for Easter. Hmm, that gave me an idea. I also had a small bag of tiny Malteser chocolate bunnies too, I could go for "gluttony" or cannibalism, if that was one of the deadly sins. All I needed was a bit of decent light. I stayed at the wooden table in the pub and tried with the aid of iPhones to illuminate the now chocolate smeared face of the Lego bunny to bring life to my vision. The light from the iPhones was too harsh however, so I had to try and harness the overhead lights instead. Eventually I was able to get the shot I wanted. And it worked, I scored myself a ten and another shiny red ten badge. Whoo hoo!

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