Saturday, 26 April 2014

Flower power

At the end of Park Road are some road works. No work is being undertaken today of course, but the orange barriers are surrounding a partially dug hole, a pile of broken up tarmac and snakes of yellow plastic tubing. I'm assuming that this will house cables when completed.

In my bag of extraordinarily assorted minifigs, I have a construction worker. Actually it's Emmet, the star of the Lego Movie. Emmet Brickowski (yes, really) is an ordinary man or "the Special", depending on your view and, as can clearly be seen, seems a pretty happy chap. This is one of the Lego minifigs that has a double sided head, two faced, if you will. On one side is a big smile and on the reverse, he's on the verge of hysteria. I'm not entirely sure what was so funny about the road works, but each to their own.


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