Monday, 21 April 2014

Everything is awesome!

Due to a happy accident I've ended up with an assortment of Lego minifigs and to inspire me for a forthcoming photography project, I thought I'd try and see the last viewing of the Lego Movie in Richmond. I'm too late for the 3D version but there's one last option on the 2D version, or as we say, the normal format. I enjoyed it more than I expected, it reminded me that I could comfortably have seen myself as a Lego Master Builder when I grew up. I also fancied being a spy or a witch. Sadly these aspirations were never met, though I may have cast a spell occasionally, but not enough to class myself as a "professional" witch!

As the credits rolled I thought I'd break the no camera rule and incorporate the minifig bunny in my bag (surely everyone carries these about) with the Lego backdrops. I don't recall seeing the bunny in the movie, so I addressed that. For anyone else who's seen the movie, can you tell how long does it take for the ear-worm "everything is awesome" to stop buzzing around my head?


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