Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Where have I been?

I am so utterly and dreadfully behind with my blogging…not with my photography; there is always an abundance of that. And I’m on top of most of the processing, well most, as New York still needs a final pass, or and the time in Bordentown the week before, and yes, Seville. Correct that, I still have a whole lot of processing to do, but Spain aside, I am on top of my London Street Photography Meetup post-processing. So instead of trying to catch up absolutely everything day-by-day I will post all 34 (yep, count them) of the Meetups, several forays to Kew, Christmas in the Isle of Wight, various Leica adventures and no doubt miscellaneous sunsets, plus my continued obsession with the pointy Shard building. That’ll keep me busy before I head to Poland, Barcelona and Photokina next month, phew! Firstly, here are my top 116 Polly Meetup images, yes, including my possible 10 from the elusive Seville. Watch this space for a whole lot more!

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