Saturday, 27 August 2016

The end of the world in Dungeness

London Street Photography Meetup went large again, this time we went to shoot the end of the world, at the end of the world in Dungeness. Maybe not actually the end of the world but definitely a tad other worldly, and undeniably, a pain in the neck to get to. This was my third visit to these vaguely post-apocalyptic parts. On my first visit, we'd caught a train and then scored a taxi. The second time we'd travelled in two cars. And this time, train and bus.


The idea on an "end of the world" themed Meetup is to avoid people, though a new photog snuck in one shot fiddling with his large lens, but I like the Bruno-esque framing!




And unsurprisingly the gulls (and swifts) started calling to me again, can you get addicted to birds? I head for the beach to sneak up on some boats, and found a discarded child's shoe (possibly lost whilst escaping from the giant seagulls!)



An awesome day, with Brighton the day before and unaccustomed as I am to donning sensible shoes, I'm not convinced I'll ever walk again. However everyone's taken some great shots, we didn't stop laughing. I'm not sure if Phil's patented way to keep the creepy guy on the bus away from you works, but er, thanks for the advice!


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