Sunday, 14 August 2016

Super Sunday and super stripes

For our own Super Sunday (think Olympics) the London Street Photography Meetup photogs (aka Pollyographers) had the golden opportunity to shoot in Tate Modern and the new Switch Room.

After some inspirational Fan Ho images we were tasked with working with steps, and then frames within a frame. Sadly, despite looking hard, I failed to find a shadow of a flautist!



As the sun lowered the stripes formed through the four tall windows were a constant fascination but they were merely intersecting the corner near the day. We all investigated from various angles.




After refreshments, those stripes being a hot topic, we returned to form the stripe paparazzi just before the Tate Modern closed for the day. It seems we attracted quite a crowd armed with camera phones similarly fascinated with the golden paths. My favourite shot was of a little girl who'd broken free from her mother and ran towards the light. Her mother apologised, but we were very happy!

We may have stumbled upon a boy band striking a pose for their album cover.
One of the advantages of the new Switch Room part of Tate Modern is that you can get up and outside.

Heading for home over the Millennium Bridge I couldn't resist a few pigeon/sea gull shots too.



I took over 250 photos so now just have to whittle down to three (gold,silver and bronze, if you will) for posting on the Meetup page




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